Psychic Remote Viewing Over The Telephone

12 Mar

Who else wants to know if they are REALLY having psychic experiences….or simply going nuts?

The simple truth is that MANY people having genuine manifestations of psychic energy actually don’t TRUST themselves, or the experience, and keep the whole thing bottled up and inside…..afraid of what revealing the episode will do for both their sanity…AND their reputation to boot! Not good at all, right? I agree! Psych-Hub Psychics Australia

So What should you look for when deciding if a psychic experience is real?
First of all, understand this: In my view, we all HAVE innate psychic skills, there is nothing paranormal, scary or bizarre about them and awakening this part of your “self” is a sign that you are MOVING in the right direction overall as thinking, evolving spiritually sentient being.

And what kinds of things have you been doing lately? Did you know that MEDITATION is one of the biggest triggers for amazing psychic experiences?

It’s true…and so TOO are other practices like Yoga and even prayer in general. Some philosophies believe (as do I ) that certain expressions of self unlock energy centers in the body (often called Chakras) which allow the physical form to connect with energetic fields and information NOT commonly available to most.

The Kundalini experience is a pretty well-known concept which follows this idea…..and MANY people who have this style awakening have INDEED thought they were going crazy!

And remember….the biology of BELIEF is very powerful. What you believe is possible, the perspectives and paradigms you accept, are a HUGE part of your available experience. If you are beginning to have TRULY psychic skills or phenomenon, consider yourself lucky – and enjoy the ride UP the evolutionary totem pole!

Are people born to parents who have psychic abilities more likely to be psychic themselves?  A pretty interesting question, don’t you think?  Well, according to one Harvard professor and Science writer, the answer is YES!  She argues that psychic abilities are actually genetically passed down from one generation to the next….and she’s got a whole host of data to support that…and a whole bunch of other super cool stuff you’ll probably enjoy reading.

Note:  This stuff tends to be a bit for “smarty pants” types….so if you are uncomfortable with some science terms, and big words in general ( they tend to make MY head a bit fuzzy..:-) you can skip it.  But – this interview from Time Magazine on her new book will give you an idea of some of the AMAZING stuff they are learning about psychic powers…and how YOU can develop your own accordingly.

Remote viewing lessons or “how to” blueprints are actually a pretty big topic of conversation online….with many people reading plenty of stuff “selling” them it can be done……but finding it pretty tough to actually find a good resource to SHOW them how to remote view..:-)

With this in mind, and thanks to several of the comments that some of the suddenly psychic readers have asked via email, or commented on our blog, we’re going to focus a little bit of time, effort and energy trying to find some good ( and FREE where ever possible) lessons on this amazing art ( and science).

Here is a good start below – with the authors promising you *should* be able to get some remote viewing insights within about 6 hours if you apply their methods.

You can read the FULL story at the link, after the jump.

How exactly does remote viewing work?  This is a pretty popular question we’ve been getting via email…..and the truth is, I don’t really know!  Of course there are lots of different theories, and people who are “sure” they have all of the answers…..but I’m smart enough to know I’m not one of them!  ( nor am I so sure they are either..;-)

The simple truth is this:  Remote viewing has been exhibited, and proven to be successful in many a lab test.  It’s been studied by REAL scientists who have come away from the experiments with a firm belief that it’s not only possible, but happening……and can be learned, emulated and developed in ordinary people like you and I.

This my friends… a fact!  What actually makes it happen – or what is taking place exactly, or even if some of us have the skill more profoundly than other remains to be seen, and debated, by finer minds than mine…:-)  You can check out an interesting primer on the specifics of remote viewing at the link below.


Kids Party Ideas

24 Feb

Party Ideas When Things Get Boring

For the first few years, parties at home are all well and good. After that, some children can find them repetitive, stale, and boring. Birthday parties for children of all ages should be special, fun, and exciting. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your child’s birthday party, an indoor teepee party may be just the ticket. Here is a look at why a kids party house teepee hire may be the right venue for your child’s next birthday party:

Most homes do not have room for children to run around, and back yards are subject to the whims of the weather. An indoor teepee party provides hours of boundless fun no matter what the weather looks like. And when children are not having a party at your house, they are certainly not making a mess of it—you can avoid hours of preparation and clean up with an indoor teepee party.

A birthday is a special day for a child, so let your child enjoy it in a special place. As beautiful and fun as your home may be, every parent knows that children can get bored without new and exciting stimulation. A kids party house offers a thrilling new environment with a variety of activities for all age groups.

There is certainly nothing wrong with at-home parties, but children can always benefit from a little change. If you think that your child would enjoy a new and exciting experience for his or her next birthday, then you should consider working with a kids party house teepee hire.

At Ball Mania, My Clubhouse, Funtasmic, & Bounce, we have four exciting kids party places to choose from, each with entertainment for the whole family. Give us a call today to learn more about our event packages.

Picking a Teepee Theme

Ask your child what theme they would prefer for their party. For babies’ birthday parties, ask older siblings for their suggestions—they know what makes for a fun children’s party and will enjoy the responsibility. Once a theme has been decided, the whole family can have fun coming up with ideas to incorporate the theme into decorations, games, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a kids party venue, or just a place to let your kids run around for a while and enjoy themselves in the Miami area, Bounce Play World is the place for you!  Bounce Play World offers plenty of party packages for your little one’s next birthday party, but if you’re looking for just a day-trip, Bounce also has two different “Open Bounce” times.  Come on in from 11 AM to 1 PM or 3:30 to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and enjoy yourself!…

Good Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte NC

20 Feb

No two patients are alike and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hormonal imbalance. Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte NC program will be designed for you based on the findings of our staff and your lab results. A compounding pharmacy will custom tailor your prescription. This extreme level of individualization insures that you are not getting hormones that you do not need or those in amounts too low to be effective.

This is not symptom management. If you are suffering from the effects of hormone imbalance or think that you may be, the search is over. Our healthcare model is one that integrates traditional medical with more modern “functional” medicine. We consider the underlying disease – the underlying cause of feeling “unwell”. Our goal is a program that balances the hormones but also continues to evaluate your overall health.

Throughout the process, a physician will monitor your progress. This is not a revolving door business. We are your clinic, your nurses and your doctor. Your health and safety are our number one priorities.

Don’t be fooled. There are many false clinics out there running without the oversight of a true physician. Hormones, or the lack thereof, are not to be taken lightly.

Consider this. We know that taking in too little water can lead to dehydration and a number of health-related issues. But did you know that too much water can be dangerous? Over hydration can result in decreased amounts of important minerals in the system, such as sodium, which can be extremely dangerous and affects the pituitary gland, kidneys, liver and heart.

Now, if something as innocuous as water can cause such detriment, imagine what a poorly planned hormone replacement program can do. It is ESSENTIAL that you be under the care and management of a health care physician in a clinical environment


Charlotte NC Drain Cleaning

12 Feb

Are you looking for an emergency drain cleaning plumber in Charlotte NC? We are a family owned and operated business since 1911 that proudly serves all residential and commercial residents throughout the Charlotte NC region. We have a full staff of expert plumbers who are highly trained to handle any kind of emergency plumbing problem you may be having. We are available around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing high quality plumbing service to homeowners and businesses. If you are in need of a reliable and professional emergency Charlotte NC Drain Cleaning , it is just a simple phone call away from fixing the problem.


Our Services Include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Clogged Drain
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater Repair, Replace & Installation
  • Sewer Line Repair & Replace
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Boilers

Whether you’re having a plumbing issue or need emergency drain cleaning, you can count. Call us now  or contact us online to speak with one of our plumbing experts. We are available and here for you 24/7, and our technicians are ready and eager to come tackle on any plumbing issues you may be having!…

How To Choose The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding?

5 Feb

Looking for the perfect venue for your wedding?

It’s not an easy task for sure, but we do have some tips that can help you structure the whole thing and make sure both you and your partner are happy with the results. Here is what you should consider:

Set common expectations between bride & groom

First of all, communication is the key. Start by having a conversation with your future husband or wife about the sort of wedding you would like to have, this will help you to avoid disagreements later. You must decide on what kind of venue you want (a restaurant, a hotel or a farmhouse), the location (central, periphery or abroad), an extravagant and large wedding or an intimate one with family and closes friends, the theme of the wedding (modern or vintage, elegant or rustic) and the style. After that you can start searching for the venue that suits all of your desires.


Define main filters – must have features

After the discussion about what kind of wedding type/style and venue you would like for your wedding, you must set the must have features of the location.

When you will start visiting venues pay attention to some very important details like routes your guests will take, how the bathrooms are, whether there’s ample heating/air conditioning and where the power sockets are for your band / speeches / DJ / ceremony music and if the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list, the tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar etc. If a room is too small, you will probably feel cramped and if it`s too big it might feel that the party is a bit boring or people might feel lonely. Also, pay attention to the locations of columns in the room or other obstructions because they will block people’s views of the the grooms table or dance floor.

Other aspects that must be considered when choosing the perfect place are the lights. If you are getting married during the day, make sure that the room has plenty of windows. On the other hand, if it’s an evening affair, make sure that it is not too dim.

If you want a certain theme or a color palette for your party be careful that the walls, carpets, chairs, and curtains will not be in conflict with your party’s theme. Also, be careful to the acoustic conditions, some rooms can be too echoing or on the contrary (for examples the hall of a castle).

Another important factor is the food that you serve at the reception. Search for a venue that has a reputation for excellent food or that allows you to choose a caterer. An awful food can ruin the entire wedding day. 

Resource: Wedding venues in South Coast

Why you need Charlotte HVAC?

3 Feb

Furnace and boiler efficiency is measured in AFUES. (Annual Fuel Unit Efficiency) While older furnaces and boilers operate at an average efficiency of 60%, new systems can operate with efficiencies as high as 93%.

Energy set back or boiler reset systems regulate heating water temperature to outdoor and inside temperature swings. The colder the outdoor and room temperature, the warmer the water will be in your heating system. Energy setback systems reduce annual fuel consumption by about 7%.

Geothermal systems can supply hot water for drinking and bathing, as well as heat and cool a building with energy from the ground. Regardless of outside temperatures, these systems are extremely efficient.

Radiant floor heating systems offer another way to reduce home heating costs by another 30% to 40% while delivering unsurpassed comfort to your home or office.

Whether you are looking to have a radiant floor or geothermal heating system installed in your new home; or are considering replacing or upgrading the heating in your existing home, we will work with your architect, builder, or designer to develop the perfect heating solution for you.

Resource: Charlotte HVAC


Child Psychology Facts

29 Jan

FAQ Psychology For Children

We are considered in-network for approximately 20 insurance plans, including PHCS, Unicare, Corphealth, and Texas True Choice. We continue to work hard to get our providers on most major plans. If you need assistance in checking your benefits with your particular insurance plan, please feel free to contact us.

For those whose plans consider us out-of-network or who do not have coverage for mental health treatment, we offer fee-for-service treatment.

We accept cash, personal check, and major credit or debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, and American Express).

At Austin Psychiatric Consultants, it is our philosophy that medication is a facet of mental health treatment, but it is not typically sufficient on its own. For that reason, we offer medication treatment only in conjunction with therapy and other psychological services offered by our professional staff.

Children often have a very difficult time articulating themselves. Because they are without the life experiences of adults and often don’t have the knowledge of how to process confusing and overwhelming emotions, we find that play therapy is frequently the most successful method for them.

By utilizing children’s natural ability to express themselves through play, acting out their experiences and fears in a safe environment, we can help them communicate and work through issues at their own pace. By observing and guiding play, we can help children find healthy resolutions and build strong methods to cope with life’s problems.

Thank you for visiting today! You can contact us by phone, by visiting us in person, or by filling out the form on this page.

Earlier/later weekday hours and Saturday hours occasionally available by appointment.

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, …See More »

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Online Counselling

29 Jan

Our Mission

Online counseling 

Online counselling is a convenient way for you to access psychological therapy without needing to travel to appointments. You can access online any of our qualified and experienced psychologists using Skype technology. Your online appointment will be conducted just like a face-to-face session where you will be able to see, hear and interact with your psychologist during the session.

All our online counselors are registered psychologists who currently see a mixture of both face-to-face and online clients.

Telephone counselling services

Darebin Psychology provides phone counselling services for those who prefer the convenience of receiving counselling from the comfort of their home. After booking your appointment, a call is established at the scheduled time and you will receive the same support and counselling as you would if you were in the room with your psychologist.

Common psychological issues such as depression, worry, anxiety, stress, grief, life direction, relationship issues, pain management and anger management are all suitable for online or phone counselling.

Online or telephone counselling: Important factors to consider

  • Online or telephone counselling are NOT SUITABLE for those who are at risk of suicide, in acute crisis, or have serious mental health issues.There are limits to what a counselor can do remotely. In such cases, your GP is always your first port of call.
  • Couple counselling is  NOT  generally offered online or by phone.
  • Online or telephone counselling services are NOT eligible for Medicare rebates and clients are expected to cover the full fee prior to the session ( please see our fee schedule)

Requirements for online counselling:

  • You need a high-speed broadband connection, a webcam and microphone on your device. Please make sure you have a good internet connection for counselling to take place. If one of you is only seeing the other’s face in pixelated form, counselling online will be a struggle.
  • You have to ensure you can be online at the appointed time, in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted or overheard.


We can get you started today.

Just fill out our normal contact form and we will email you with all the details. If you are ready to book or just want to make an inquiry simply complete this form to get started.

Once you have made an Online Counselling appointment, you will receive an email from us with clear instructions on how to access appointment, as well as payment instructions.…