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3 Sep

All our components are proudly made in NSW Australia supporting businesses from the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Sydney. Only the specially designed, high powered 220W motor is not made locally.

Our 220W motor produces plenty of power to carry the heaviest bag of clubs and is covered by a full two year warranty. The automatic charger and battery are covered by full manufacturer’s warranty of two years and one year respectively. The charger supplied is a Projecta 3.5Amp fully automatic unit. When the battery is attached simply turn on and leave on till your next game of golf. A general guide line for a battery is 1Ah per 1 hole of golf which gives our long lasting 28Ah battery plenty in reserve to finish 18 holes of golf.


Built to last our design incorporates a 15mm axle for extra stability and reliability. (Axle breakages are common with buggies having 12mm axles). The three wheels are moulded from our own dies and have two bearings each for extra strength and durability. The front wheel is mounted on two spring steel arms designed to give a smooth ride over rough terrain and to lessen the impact on clubs. All wheels have a long lasting 4mm rubber slick tyre to give good traction and help protect fairways.

The gearbox has helical gears providing low noise and smooth running. Because there is less friction involved in operating these gears compared to the friction created in the worm driven gear box, less power is required leaving more power available near the end of each round. The motor driving the helical gears is mounted at right angles to the gears making it look neat and compact in appearance.

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