Good Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte NC

20 Feb

No two patients are alike and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hormonal imbalance. Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte NC program will be designed for you based on the findings of our staff and your lab results. A compounding pharmacy will custom tailor your prescription. This extreme level of individualization insures that you are not getting hormones that you do not need or those in amounts too low to be effective.

This is not symptom management. If you are suffering from the effects of hormone imbalance or think that you may be, the search is over. Our healthcare model is one that integrates traditional medical with more modern “functional” medicine. We consider the underlying disease – the underlying cause of feeling “unwell”. Our goal is a program that balances the hormones but also continues to evaluate your overall health.

Throughout the process, a physician will monitor your progress. This is not a revolving door business. We are your clinic, your nurses and your doctor. Your health and safety are our number one priorities.

Don’t be fooled. There are many false clinics out there running without the oversight of a true physician. Hormones, or the lack thereof, are not to be taken lightly.

Consider this. We know that taking in too little water can lead to dehydration and a number of health-related issues. But did you know that too much water can be dangerous? Over hydration can result in decreased amounts of important minerals in the system, such as sodium, which can be extremely dangerous and affects the pituitary gland, kidneys, liver and heart.

Now, if something as innocuous as water can cause such detriment, imagine what a poorly planned hormone replacement program can do. It is ESSENTIAL that you be under the care and management of a health care physician in a clinical environment


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