Preschool Kingswood

25 Nov

The story of preschool Kingwood Academy and the wonderful young lady, Miss Taylor are both wonderful. The teacher, Mrs. Taylor is a great motivator for the students who have not yet learned what it takes to be successful in school. The students are all excited about their upcoming trip to visit Kingwood Academy and when they arrive there the class learns that the students are going to take part in the first ever World Junior High School Competition.

preschool kingswood

Preschool Kingswood

Kids can’t wait to get there and try to win a prize. They can’t wait to play with all of the other kids and see who the winner will be. Mr. Kingswood is always at the head of the class and always makes sure that the class gets everything it needs. Mr. Kingswood also takes care of the childrens’ homework and takes out the trash every night so that the kids can go home happy at the end of the day.

When the class goes back to preschool Kingswood, they all are excited to find out what is new and where they can do it. They will learn about the teachers and the different classes that are there and they can make their own schedules. They all enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time together playing games and hanging out. There is a great family atmosphere that happens at this preschool because all of the kids feel wanted and loved.