Arctic Combat Gaming Review

6 Mar
Arctic Combat’s an all new growing game that takes what we love about FPS games and is built on unreal engine 2.5 has great potential becoming a new mainstream E-Sports game. Let’s take a look at what this new FPS (still in beta) has to offer. Due to being in Beta still don’t have access to everything but i try my best.

Arctic Combat has basic FPS game modes which are Team Death Match (TDM), Search and Destroy (SND), Domination (DOM), Free-for-all (FFA). There also sub modes like knife only and snipers only. Each game mode can have up to 16 people playing at once.
Guns, Equipment, and Skills:
So far from what I can see in the beta they got all the “main guns” like AK-47, M4A1, MP5-K but I did notice a Customize button that didn’t enable but it seems you will be able to customize your weapons to how you want when it comes out open beta. The best thing about this FPS is that your Equipment is mainly always different from the other person on your team. With all the variety of equipment, there’s always something to buy. Lastly, the skills if you played any Call of Duty series you pretty much know the skills, faster reload, gain health when not in battle, grenade detection.

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