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20 Mar

Where To Find The Best Spiritual Readings In The World

Free Spiritual ReadingKarma Readings With Trusted Phone Psychics
A genuine psychic will not cast spells or help you curse others. They know better than to mess with karma. They will never defy everything to make your dream come true. If a psychic promises to make certain energy work for you, walk away at once. This can be a scam, and you will lose your money. Read spiritual readings will help improve your life.

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Testing the Psychic

It is important to know the psychic with whom you are dealing and keep your mind clear. Ask question to learn more about them. This will help you get more enjoyable experience. It also helps you stay away from a negative experience or an unhealthy psychic reading. It is also important to bear in mind that only God has the answers which are 100% right all the time. If anybody claims that they are 100% right all the time in their predictions, they are not the type psychics you need.


Besides psychic readings, they can also provide you with a wide range of fabulous, detailed astrological reports. A Natal Report tells anything about you, how the planets are placed at the time of your birth, how they influence different parts of your life. You can also choose the predictive Dynamic Analysis, which describes your transiting planets, natal planets, and the subsequent effects they have on your life. Read predictions for over the next twelve months and an almost daily calendar of events in your life for the next year.

The Compatibility Report

This report is excellent, giving a comprehensive analysis of your relationship and representing how you and your partner relate to each other. It covers your compatibility, support systems, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Most people get one of these done when choosing a business partner or even when entering into a new relationship. It shows them the hidden planetary influences as well as the key to your journey. Some sites also have an extensive array of personal astrology readings including Indian, Mayan, past life karmic readings, and pet readings as well. All reports are sent online, but you can call to have them printed and sent out.

Some Reliable Sites in the World

Hollywood Psychic
There are astrology, psychology, and horoscope predictions. Do not forget charts, analysis, advice, forecast, graph, and so on. Everything is in the highest quality of the services. Professionalism and reasonable prices have attracted many clients for the past few years. It guarantees you the confidential, creative, efficient, private, and professional dialog.

Lotus Tarot
This is the haven of psychic readings, tarot, channeling, mediums, pendulum, spiritualist, runes, divination chat, and more. It gathers the best clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, and professional psychic advisors from all over the world.

Psychic Source
Come here to read astrology reports, tarot readings, and free psychic readings. Free horoscopes and love profiles are waiting for you. Do not miss online psychic numerology charts, angel readings, goddess oracle, spiritual readings, healing, and so on. Psychic Source provides affordable readings by chat, e-mail, and phone.…

DIY Playground In Your Garden or Neighbourhood

16 Mar

When you have taken a gander at the area of the current gear or introduced the upgraded one (adhering to the maker’s guidance) and once you have planned the complete playground territory, the time has come to set up the subfloor. On the off chance that you assemble a DIY playground it is a lot simpler if the subfloor is bound (for example solid, clearing stone, black-top, tiles). All things considered, you can lay security flooring specifically over it, without the need to set up the base course. On the off chance that you pick elastic playground mats which are interlocking, you won’t have to stick the tiles.


In the event that your subfloor is unbound, for instance it is soil, sand or grass, you have to set it up first to make it load-bearing and strong. The best and most affordable path is to set up a coarseness or rock bedding. Level the current zone and spot a layer of around 15 cm of sharp-edged rock, which ought to be compacted and leveled. Presently you can clear the wellbeing playground tangles specifically onto the rock bedding. Downpour water will leak through the permeable mats and through the rock layer to the ground. This arrangement is environmental and down to earth – there will be no puddles and youngsters can utilize the playground in any climate!

Low-support playground flooring

Elastic mats are the most reasonable deck answer for a safe DIY playground. Aside from the way that they are adolescently simple to introduce, they require for all intents and purposes no support. Playground mats are produced using a for all time flexible material (polyurethane-reinforced elastic grind) which implies they are completely weatherproof. They won’t spoil or break, and they will keep going for around 15 years or more. On the off chance that there is any issue, singular mats can be lifted or traded.

Other playground materials are either over the top expensive or hard to keep up. Particularly sand, grass or wood chips need steady upkeep, trade and recharging. The costs identified with this can be overpowering for a network or neighborhood. Particularly that the layer of these free fill materials must be very thick to give the essential fall assurance.

With elastic playground mats it is extremely simple to give the fall insurance vital on a specific playground. The producer dependably educates you what the basic fall stature for every wellbeing mat is, and which one is appropriate for establishments on unbound subfloor. Elastic grind mats are anything but difficult to cut nearby and they have little arrangements to make DIY work somewhat less demanding.


Psychic Remote Viewing Over The Telephone

12 Mar

Who else wants to know if they are REALLY having psychic experiences….or simply going nuts?

The simple truth is that MANY people having genuine manifestations of psychic energy actually don’t TRUST themselves, or the experience, and keep the whole thing bottled up and inside…..afraid of what revealing the episode will do for both their sanity…AND their reputation to boot! Not good at all, right? I agree! Psych-Hub Psychics Australia

So What should you look for when deciding if a psychic experience is real?
First of all, understand this: In my view, we all HAVE innate psychic skills, there is nothing paranormal, scary or bizarre about them and awakening this part of your “self” is a sign that you are MOVING in the right direction overall as thinking, evolving spiritually sentient being.

And what kinds of things have you been doing lately? Did you know that MEDITATION is one of the biggest triggers for amazing psychic experiences?

It’s true…and so TOO are other practices like Yoga and even prayer in general. Some philosophies believe (as do I ) that certain expressions of self unlock energy centers in the body (often called Chakras) which allow the physical form to connect with energetic fields and information NOT commonly available to most.

The Kundalini experience is a pretty well-known concept which follows this idea…..and MANY people who have this style awakening have INDEED thought they were going crazy!

And remember….the biology of BELIEF is very powerful. What you believe is possible, the perspectives and paradigms you accept, are a HUGE part of your available experience. If you are beginning to have TRULY psychic skills or phenomenon, consider yourself lucky – and enjoy the ride UP the evolutionary totem pole!

Are people born to parents who have psychic abilities more likely to be psychic themselves?  A pretty interesting question, don’t you think?  Well, according to one Harvard professor and Science writer, the answer is YES!  She argues that psychic abilities are actually genetically passed down from one generation to the next….and she’s got a whole host of data to support that…and a whole bunch of other super cool stuff you’ll probably enjoy reading.

Note:  This stuff tends to be a bit for “smarty pants” types….so if you are uncomfortable with some science terms, and big words in general ( they tend to make MY head a bit fuzzy..:-) you can skip it.  But – this interview from Time Magazine on her new book will give you an idea of some of the AMAZING stuff they are learning about psychic powers…and how YOU can develop your own accordingly.

Remote viewing lessons or “how to” blueprints are actually a pretty big topic of conversation online….with many people reading plenty of stuff “selling” them it can be done……but finding it pretty tough to actually find a good resource to SHOW them how to remote view..:-)

With this in mind, and thanks to several of the comments that some of the suddenly psychic readers have asked via email, or commented on our blog, we’re going to focus a little bit of time, effort and energy trying to find some good ( and FREE where ever possible) lessons on this amazing art ( and science).

Here is a good start below – with the authors promising you *should* be able to get some remote viewing insights within about 6 hours if you apply their methods.

You can read the FULL story at the link, after the jump.

How exactly does remote viewing work?  This is a pretty popular question we’ve been getting via email…..and the truth is, I don’t really know!  Of course there are lots of different theories, and people who are “sure” they have all of the answers…..but I’m smart enough to know I’m not one of them!  ( nor am I so sure they are either..;-)

The simple truth is this:  Remote viewing has been exhibited, and proven to be successful in many a lab test.  It’s been studied by REAL scientists who have come away from the experiments with a firm belief that it’s not only possible, but happening……and can be learned, emulated and developed in ordinary people like you and I.

This my friends… a fact!  What actually makes it happen – or what is taking place exactly, or even if some of us have the skill more profoundly than other remains to be seen, and debated, by finer minds than mine…:-)  You can check out an interesting primer on the specifics of remote viewing at the link below.